Getting your property ready for going on the market - key tips


Should you be thinking about selling your property, it is vital your home is at its best and as presentable as possible. Your property needs to come across as clean and welcoming as possible, should you wish for a straightforward sale. Where clutter builds up on a day-to-day basis, take time to clear this away and present each room in the most simplistic manner possible. Depending on the overall condition of your property, this can in fact add value.




As part of the process of getting your property ready for going on the market, here are a few recommended tips to bear in mind:




  • De-clutter. Clear away as much clutter as possible and bring your rooms back to the core function they typically carry in your property. Enable prospective viewers to visualize themselves within your property should they purchase it.

  • Decorate. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders and offer a relatively cheap way of brightening up your property. Choose your colours correctly and this can enable your rooms to present themselves in a clean and welcoming way.

  • Repair as many faults as possible. Loose cupboards, holes in the walls, creaking doors, peeling paint, loose curtain rails; these are just a few jobs you can do to save additional work for a new buyer.

  • Clean as much as possible. Whether you do this yourself or hire a professional cleaner, get everything as clean as possible. Limescale in the shower and kitchen sink, dirty windows, stained patios are all worth cleaning. This will make your property more appealing and ensure your viewer will be able to imagine living in your property.

  • Update the kitchen. This is the most valuable room of all and worth the most per square foot. Refacing your kitchen cabinets and upgrading your counter tops can add serious value.

  • Tidy the garden. Treat the garden as though it was a reception room. Cut back any overgrown areas, remove weeds and likewise if the grass is overgrown, cut this back. An overgrown garden can put buyers off.

  • Give off the right scents. Having the right smells throughout your property can make your home more alluring and inviting. Burn a candle, have some fresh scents and should you be a smoker, try and stick to smoking outdoors if your can.

  • Identify and hire the correct estate agent. Get a feel for the right estate agent for your property by getting valuations from three different agents. Assess their local knowledge, their marketing and the types of property they typically sell. Also assess their overall reputation.

  • Instruct a solicitor. Get the conveyancing process underway as soon as you can so you have an idea of the cost of moving. Get your property paperwork together so you are organised should you receive an offer on your property.




January is the perfect time of year to set about thinking about marketing and selling your property. This is the time of year when people often make their biggest decisions, such as moving house. Should this be on your mind, these are all perfect suggestions to help make this process an easy one. Simply just adding your property onto the market won’t work; for the best result and to have the best chance of an efficient sale, it is best to get your property prepared and ready for the market.



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