Do We Have the Right Sort of Guildford Homes For the 21st Century?

Would it surprise you to know that in some parts of Guildford, predominantly prosperous areas with high proportions of mature residents, the housing crisis is not one of supply so much as dispersal of that supply? Theoretically, in Guildford there are more than enough bedrooms...

16% less homes for sale in Guildford than a year ago

One of the key factors of the health of the Guildford property market is the number of properties for sale at any one time. The issue with housing is that when demand goes up, unlike with a chocolate bar factory, who can add a couple of hours overtime to increase supply/...

Which Guildford Properties are Selling the Best?

Moving home is said to be the third most stressful life event, following a member of your family dying or getting divorced. So it is always best to keep your stress levels down by investigating and doing your homework on both the particular area of Guildford (or nearby...

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