Honesty is our only policy

Chantries understands that landlords will want to secure the highest rent for their property, and while we work towards that same goal, we will never overprice your property in order to win your business.


Because while an overpriced property sits empty, it costs money. Your money.


Chantries will only ever value a property based on what they believe it will rent for. And if we lose instructions to other agents, it’s not unusual for landlords to come back to us when the instructed agent hasn’t found a tenant willing to over pay.


It might sound like we’re blowing our own trumpet, but this situation occurred recently when two desirable properties – one on Woodlands Park and the other on Ennismore Avenue – were getting little interest because the rental value was simply too high.


Upon instruction, Chantries’ lettings manager Andy Williams, valued them at an honest price, and both were let within days.


And while the guide price on both houses didn’t need to come down drastically, this price sensitive market calls for honest advice that will save you time and money.


Chantries isn’t interested in winning business at any cost, therefore you will only ever receive honest advice.


For all lettings enquires, contact Andy on 0148405222


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